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Job Information

Initial Posting Date: 06/06/2022

Application Deadline: 06/20/2022

Agency: Department of Administrative Services

Salary Range: $4,552 - $6,964

Position Type: Employee

Position Title: Accountant 3

Job Description:

What You Will Do

The purpose of this position is to provide guidance to state agencies and assistance to the SARS Manager on accounting theory. Assistance to agencies involves interpretation of generally accepted accounting principles. This position assists with the preparation of the Oregon Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. Instruction is provided to state agencies on accounting and financial reporting requirements and year-end closing processes.

The Benefits of Joining Our Team

The State of Oregon offers a competitive and affordable health and benefits package, including excellent coverage, paid holidays off, and personal business leave, as well as paid and accrued vacation leave and sick leave. In addition to standard medical benefits and employee leave, the state also provides additional optional benefits, such as basic life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, deferred compensation savings program, and flexible spending accounts for health care and childcare expenses.

What We Are Looking For

a CPA certificate and two additional years of professional accounting experience*; OR
four years of professional accounting experience*; and either:
-- a Bachelor's degree in Accounting;

-- a Bachelor's degree in any discipline that includes or is supplemented by 30 quarter (20 semester) credit hours in accounting. Credit hours must be upper division from a system of higher education (four-year institution accredited to grant Baccalaureate degrees);

-- 30 quarter (20 semester) credit hours in accounting. Credit hours must be upper division from a system of higher education (four-year institution accredited to grant Baccalaureate degrees); and two years doing independent research and analysis which included making recommendations that resolved issues;

-- 30 quarter (20 semester) credit hours in any of the following: accounting principles, intermediate accounting, advanced accounting, finance, business law, cost accounting, accounting information systems, or auditing; and two years of accounting experience a) classifying, analyzing, and reconciling complex financial data and records; b) designing, recommending, and installing modifications of accounting methods, procedures, forms, and records; c) preparing audited financial statements and reports; d) analyzing and interpreting laws, regulations, codes, and ordinances to ensure the legality of financial transactions; and e) analyzing and interpreting complex accounts and account relationships resulting in accounting entries.

*Two years of the experience must be equivalent to the Accountant 2 level, which includes a) setting up ledgers, account codes and controls; and b) modifying accounting systems.
15 quarter (10 semester) graduate-level accounting credit hours may substitute for one year of the professional accounting experience. Graduate-level courses used to satisfy the educational requirement may not be used to satisfy the experience requirement.

Candidates who are the most competitive will also reflect the following:

  • This position requires technical knowledge of accounting standards published by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and other recognized authoritative bodies, as well as an understanding of specific state laws and federal regulations.
  • To be successful in this position, the employee must possess an understanding of the basic principles of governmental accounting and financial reporting.
  • To successfully advise agencies and deliver training, the employee must possess effective verbal and written communications skills.
  • Individuals should have knowledge of agency and central financial operations (including basic knowledge of the Relational Statewide Accounting and Reporting System) and ability to apply analytical review techniques to identify problems and suggest solutions/improvements.
  • Must be self-motivated, have a desire to learn, detail oriented, hardworking, and be able to meet numerous firm deadlines with frequent interruptions in the daily work schedule.
  • The employee must be able to work in a team setting, actively demonstrating willingness to collaborate, share information and contribute to the unit’s successes.
  • Must have knowledge in the use of a personal computer connected to a LAN and laser printer. Ability to use a variety of software applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Employee must remain current with capabilities of various software applications as well as other aspects of the profession by attending training/education sessions. Classroom and seminar presentations are required.
  • Employee is required to possess and maintain a valid driver’s license issued by the state where the employee resides or provide an acceptable alternate mode of transportation.
How to Apply

Your candidate profile, cover letter, and resume are the perfect place to display your interest in the position and highlight the skills and experience you will bring, making you the best candidate for the position. Submissions are screened for consistency of information and communication skills at the professional level (attention to detail, spelling, grammar, etc.).
  • Current State of Oregon employees - You must apply through your employee
account. At the time of application, please attach your current cover letter and resume * External Applicants - Please visit the
to submit your application for the position, which includes your current cover letter and resume

Want to Know More? Let Me Help!
  • The salary listed is the non-PERS qualifying salary range. If the successful candidate is PERS qualifying, the salary range will reflect the additional 6.95%
  • This announcement is for one, full-time, Accountant 3 position - Please review the
page for more details on the classification, or you may visit our website for information on the job offer process following * If you have questions about the job announcement, or need an alternate format top apply, please contact the Senior Recruiter, Francisco Garibay, at:
| 971-719-6326 * Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States. Applicants who require VISA sponsorship will not be considered at this time
  • This position requires a background or security check and fingerprinting to handle confidential or negotiable documents. Adverse background data may be grounds for immediate disqualification
  • This announcement may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur
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