Job Information

Is this you?
"I'm on the verge of burnout."
"I have no life balance and feel hostage to my business."
"The market is unpredictable."
"I don't know how to have consistent income."

Are you winging it?
Do you have systems in place?
Do you need more money or more time?
Do you have leverage?
Do you know where your next deal will come from?

What if you could find a place where your leadership could guide the way to building a better business? What if your leaders and teammates could model how to run a successful business because they are already doing it? What if you could learn about budgeting, investing, wealth building?

Would you like to learn how to be the best leader you can be, for your family, your clients, yourself? Have you been curious about building a team within a team?

We are coaches and we are students in real estate sales, systems, processes, and investment strategies. We have opportunities to grow your income, your free time, and your leverage.

It's possible. At PLACE, we have built amazing businesses. We are proud of it! we are all partners who grow ourselves, grow our businesses, and grow our lives. We serve those around us, with a clear Mission, Vision, and Values, and our culture is in alignment to these.

Almost 7 years into building the Ben Kinney Team Alaska, powered by PLACE, we have created a place for select agents to have consistent business opportunities, a clear plan, and leverage while having a great life! We have a proven track record of coaching and leading agents so they can perform at their highest level.

We aren't a traditional team that hires just anyone; we're selective. We are looking for team partners who exhibit commitment, grit, experience, and work ethic while mirroring our culture code. Someone who is ready to take action! Hungry, humble, smart.

We are looking to bring on 2 partner agents at this time.

There are two types of agents right now: * You read this thinking you already have it figured out (and maybe you do!). If so, you're probably not for us.

  • You're open-minded and maybe one of those agents that we described, but looking for a better way.
If the second option sounds right, apply here and let's have a confidential discovery meeting. We might be the right fit you didn't know you wanted.