Job Information

Job Title Pilot

Job Purpose

1. Reporting:
a. The Captain, Pilot in Command reports to the SVP, Flight Operations.
2. Responsibilities:
a. Functions as the Captain, Pilot in Command in the assigned aircraft for a particular trip.
b. Responsible for safely and efficiently operating the aircraft while in compliance with all applicable regulations, rules, directives and company policy.
3. Duties:
a. The Captain, Pilot in Command is directly responsible and is the final authority on the operation of the assigned aircraft.
b. Operates company aircraft in a safe and efficient manner while in compliance with all Company rules and regulations, manufacturer’s limitations and manuals, governmental rules and regulations, and other requirements of agencies having jurisdiction over the flight.
c. Supervises the activities of the flight crew.
d. Ensures a proper preflight has been accomplished before takeoff including but not limited to the aircraft, its publications, documentation, equipment, passenger service items, fuel, weather, customs, permits and airport/runway suitability.
e. Coordinates with and keeps Maintenance, Operations, the Chief Pilot and the Director of Aviation informed when matters that may affect the conduct of the flight occur.
f. Ensures that all embarked persons (crew and passengers) possess valid and current passports, visas, and when applicable, documents of USA resident status (green card) appropriate for the flight.
g. Completes all required reports in a timely and accurate manner.
h. Maintains currency for all ratings, qualifications and certificates as required.
i. Pays and reports the expenses of contract crew members for a given trip to the maximum extent possible.
j. Implements and maintains the Safety Management System by accomplishing tasks derived from the safety reporting system and as assigned by the Director of Aviation within the function of a Pilot in Command.

4. Skills and qualifications:
a. College Degree or equivalent experience preferred.
b. Five or years of aviation experience.
c. FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate with appropriate type rating endorsed as English Proficient.
d. Valid FAA First Class Medical certificate
e. 4000 total flight time, 3000 hours PIC and 2000 hours in jet aircraft preferred.
f. Successful completion of flight, ground and simulator training in the last 12 months.
g. Landing, instrument and PIC currency as required by CFR Part 61.
h. Prior to being released to fly the line as a PIC, all transitions and or upgrades to PIC will be reviewed by the Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot.
i. Possess the administrative and communication skills necessary to oversee aircrew members and coordinate with other departments and outside vendors during the conduct of the flight.

This role is not eligible to be performed in Colorado.

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