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Are you able to jump on the phone and convince a skeptical client why your innovative messaging strategy is the best one for their new product?

Would you love to turn on the TV or walk down the supermarket aisle and hear everyone talking about the award-winning PR campaign you helped dream up?

Would you love to take the leap from individual contributor to seasoned manager who leads and inspires others?

Some things to know about us:

First, we're not like every other PR agency. We believe in the power of data. We embrace new tools and technology. We swoon over an elegant process or system. We love pitch blueprints. If it ain't broke, optimize it. As a result, we're growing faster than pretty much any other PR agency around.

Second, we work a little differently. In 48 marketing disciplines across 6 functional groups, we're redefining what a full-service marketing agency can be. But still, PR is what helped make us famous. We're growing quickly in the U.S. and UK but also building a global footprint in 20+ countries.

Third, we're known for our flexible work environment. Not only are we remote-work friendly, but we actually coordinate remote culture and team-building activities on a global basis. Need to work unusual hours or pick up your kids at a set time each day? No problem, we've got your back.

Super excited? Are you ready for the best professional experience of your career?


  • Provide strategic oversight to the team and for our clients.
  • Account leadership for brand strategy, digital content creation, web development, online advertising, social media, experiential, mass media, PR and print campaigns.
  • B2C, B2B, B2E
  • Develop systems and tools to optimize and enhance our media outreach
  • Lead and mentor junior team members to develop industry skills
  • Manage editorial calendars and overall PR plans
  • Participate in new business presentations and pitches
  • Develop brand positioning and messaging strategies
  • Update our clients and exceed expectations to ensure client happiness
  • Manage the politics and personalities of working with C-Suite clients at big companies
  • 7 + years work experience at a PR, digital, or advertising agency (or else experience in-house at a prominent brand, media outlet, or fast-growing startup)
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Excellent management and leadership skills
  • Ability to read a room and tailor your message and style for the audience
  • Ability to act as primary manager and strategist at client meetings
  • An amazing ability to stay organized and manage complex projects
  • Ability to mentor/nurture/and service clients and team
  • Your own extensive network of potential media and client contacts
  • Experience working on agency teams for large brands with complex marketing campaigns
Desired Outcomes:
  • Within one week (before the next client status), be able to quickly generate hits and placements
  • Keep track of KPI and our client health scores (performance and happiness) weekly
  • Iterate strategies and stories solo within a client meeting to improve the situation and relationship
  • Ensure the team earns 5-10 hits per week per client
  • Train all new PR account team members on our way of very digital and data-driven PR
  • Ensure meeting notes are sent out for all meetings within 3 hours
  • Ensure agendas are sent out the day before for all client meetings
  • Ensure presentations are shared in advance of each meeting
  • Develop robust integrated plans quarterly and annually for all PR clients
  • Create story arcs in each presentation
  • Share 1-3 suggestions per week of things we could be doing or clients should do (thought of as a team for every PR team)

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