Myths Debunked: Avoiding These Wrong Job Search Tips Now

You’re about to enter the workforce, so you look for the best job search tips. Aiming to get better results, you also ask for job hunting techniques from others—now confused which advice to follow. However, there’s one thing you haven’t thought about yet: they may be giving you wrong job search tips.

Most Common Job Search Mistakes You Should Avoid

Hearing lots of job search tips but can’t tell if they’re effective? Here are some of the popular wrong job search tips you might have heard at least once—and which you should avoid.

Wrong Job Search Tip #1: “Highlight only your hard skills because they are the most important.”

It’s true that one’s hard skills are important when searching and applying for a job. However, it must not end there. Your hard skills must qualify you for the job position first before you send your resume.

What to do instead: When crafting your resume and preparing for a job interview, highlight your hard and soft skills. Be sure to focus on your strengths and use them as your edge during your job search. With your weaknesses, use them as a learning ground to better yourself.

Wrong Job Search Tip #2: “Avoid networking, it’s awkward.”

For some, networking seems awkward especially if it makes them feel they’re surrounded by “fake” people. However, we shouldn’t defeat the main purpose of networking: to connect with people in and out of our immediate circles.

What to do instead: Grow your network by starting in your own industry. Try asking about other people’s interests and converse about it. Develop your social and networking skills to meet people who can give you job leads. Use social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to broaden your professional reach. Imagine how much you can learn just by asking questions and listening.

expanding social and professional network is a wise job search tip

Wrong Job Search Tip #3: “As long as you improve your resume, you’ll get any job you like.”

You must tailor your resume based on the job position you’re applying for. However, relying on the appearance of your resume or cover letter won’t get you the job right away. A “better” resume can’t define the chances you’ve got to land any job.

What to do instead: Optimize your resume for each job application. Aside from this, prepare for the job interview by researching about the company, the nature of the job position, and their work environment.

Wrong Job Search Tip #4: “Have a universal resume template and apply to 30 places—you’ll surely land a job.”

Take your time writing your resume then send it to 30 companies: you’ve increased your chances of being called for an interview! However, this doesn’t always work—and they may not consider you for an interview at all.

Recruiters can detect whether you sent a thoughtful application. Job seekers commit this mistake often: crafting a single resume for all job applications. This is usually a turnoff for most employers as you don’t display a sincere interest for the job you’ve applied for.

What to do instead: Craft your resume in line with the job opening. This makes your application more customized and leaves a good impression to your prospective employers.

job seeker taking note wrong of job search tips to avoid

The Brighter Side of Job Search—with JobTalkUSA

Fortunately, there are helpful tips for finding a job. Here are some of them:

  • Plan carefully how you should promote yourself.
  • Use social media platforms in building your professional network.
  • Research about the companies you’re eyeing for through their company websites and published articles online.
  • Improve your resume by making sure it is well-written and error-free.

If you’re ready to embark on your new career, then let JobTalkUSA help you with your job search! With thousands of employers looking for qualified job candidates online, this is now your chance to shine. Level up your job search and get noticed by hiring managers by creating an impressive, professional profile and posting your resume on our job boards today.

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